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Free Hardship Letter Samples

Free Hardship Letter SamplesThe Hardship Letter – A critical step in applying for forbearance, modification, interest rate reduction, and principal reduction to your mortgage. The hardship letter is your foundation communication with your lender.

Here you explain changes in your financial situation, what you are doing to solve the problem, and what you would like your lender to do. You are laying the ground work for a successful negotiation. Learn More…

Free Short Sale Information

Free Short Sale Information from helpahome.orgA short sale is an option to prevent foreclosure.

Here your lender agrees to sell the house to a third party for less than what you currently owe. In some cases you simply walk away. Short Sales have become a much more common practice due to the recent economy, especially in cases where the current loan is for a higher amount than the house is worth. Learn More About Real Estate Short Sales…