Hardship Sample – Adjustable Mortgage

Hardship Letter Sample – Adjustable Mortgage – Increase In Payments


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Re: Mortgage modification program/Loan #

Dear (Lender)

Due to the recent adjustment to the mortgage I currently have with your company, I am finding it very difficult to afford the new payment. I have a 3 year fixed rate which is now adjustable and is schedule to adjust again in XXX, 201X.

Considering my current income, there will be no way I can afford the increased payments come [month]. Hopefully there is way to renegotiate the terms of my current mortgage to avoid default and help stop foreclosure on my home.

Is it possible to have my current adjustable rate mortgage converted to a fixed rate? If this is not possible can the next rate change is postponed to a future date to allow me to hopefully refinance. Any other solutions you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

I have had no problem making my payments for over three years now and do not want that to change. My mortgage was originally written by another company and bought by (lender). The original mortgage terms are terrible but it was the only loan I was qualified for at the time. I was assured that refinancing would be no problem but that turned out not to be true due to the downturn of the housing industry.

The main problem is that my property is now worth about xx% less than what I paid for it which is preventing me from being able to refinance.

I believe this addresses the situation I currently find myself in along with many other homeowners. Attached are recent pay stubs showing my current income.

Thanks you for your time and consideration.