Short Sale – Job Relocation


[Your Name]

[Lender Name]
[Lender Address]
[Lender’s fax number]

RE: Hardship Letter – Short Sale for Loan # [your loan number], for [your address]

Dear [Lender]:

My purpose today is to request the pre-approval of a short sale of my home at [your address]. I am requesting this approval because I will be relocating [or have relocated] more than [xxx] miles away for employment. I will not be able to continue making payments [or have fallen behind] due to my additional cost of living at my new location.

In the past, I have always been on time making my mortgage payments and regret to inform you it is now financially impossible for me to keep up. My employment relocation brings overwhelming financial hardship and with the declining economy I can no longer meet this obligation. I have a real estate agent assisting with the marketing of the home. (S)he has prepared a Competitive Market Analysis and believes the house can be sold but we must be priced competitively in the area.

I am not happy that I am in this current situation and would like to avoid further financial difficulties. A short sale of the house would prevent foreclosure and allow me to settle my financial obligation with you. I do not want to go through foreclosure and hope you will agree to the short sale.

My real estate agent’s contact information is:

[short sale agent name]
[agent address]
[agent phone]
[agent email]

If you have any questions please contact me at [phone number].



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