Our Mission

All Help A Home services are 100% FREE. We are a nonprofit organization educating and assisting homeowners nationwide.  All recommended services are also free.  Help A Home income comes from advertising on our website as well as from donations from real estate professionals, homeowners and businesses nationwide.


Help-A-Home began as an informal group of retired business owners wanting to give back to their community. From that initial group our reach has grown nationally, providing support to all Americans whose lives have been so dramatically and negatively impacted by today’s economy.

The recession has wiped out, eliminated, over 8 million jobs. National unemployment continues to hover near 10%. The impact on families has been catastrophic. Home values have been reduced, credit card interest rates have gone through the roof and your ability to make timely payments compromised. One in ten homes have missed a payment in the past three months. It is a true national disaster.

The big corporations were bailed out. They received the free passes and are beginning to come out of this mess. For the little guy there are assistance programs available from private lenders and from the federal government. Programs to reduce the principal owed, to forebear payments for a period of months, to lower monthly payments….

Unfortunately, many American’s are in such dire straights, are so close to foreclosure or bankruptcy, they just plain do not qualify for these programs. “You started the qualification process to late, you make too little, you make too much, you are too far behind on your payments, you are not far enough behind, your credit is too good, your credit is too bad, we don’t have your paperwork….” The challenges to qualify seem overwhelming and the time to qualify so short!

Help A Home offers free information and assistance for those good, hard working people struggling to qualify for the corporate and government programs.


To paraphrase John Wesley, “do all the good we can, for all the
people we can, in all the places we can, as we ever can”