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Why Is A Short Sale Realtor Different From Your Average Everyday Realtor?

Short sale Realtors invest 10x the amount of time and energy on a short sale vs. a conventional sale due to paper work, phone calls and negotiations with the banks. Short sale Realtors have the experience, knowledge, and training to assist upside down homeowners facing foreclosure. A good short sale Realtor takes care of every detail involved. Homeowners need a Realtor who knows the rules and laws associated with the short sale process and the tricks to making it work. A short sale Realtor takes immediate actions to protect your financial interests. They can pressure lenders to postpone potential foreclosure auctions providing homeowners valuable time to complete a short sale.  They relieve emotionally exhausting burdens from the homeowner by handling the time consuming and sometimes frustrating phone calls to the bank.

Why Is It So Important To Find The Right Short Sale Realtor?

A short sale Realtor plays a crucial role in the short sale process. If you believe that a short sale is right for you, it is crucial that you make sure you hire the right Realtor specializing in short sales. Hiring a professional and experienced short sale Realtor is the key to a successful short sale. Home sellers can find Realtors eager to list their homes, but finding an expert short sale Realtor is more difficult. A short sale listing Realtor does a tremendous amount more for a client than entering the listing into the MLS and planting a sign in the yard. Your home will go to foreclosure if an agent can not get your short sale completed. Short sales are a specialty niche. Not every realtor can handle a short sale.

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What To Look For In A Short Sale Realtor?

  • Free – Short sale Realtor services should be free. You should NEVER pay for anything. You want to work with a Realtor who has no hidden costs or upfront fees. All Realtor commissions from the short sale are paid by your lender. A good short sale Realtor will work diligently for you and be paid by your lender only when the short sale is successfully closed.
  • Short Sale Specialists – We recommend working with a short sale Realtor who has completed several short sales with a good closing track record. Short sale homes are much different than traditional sales and can come with all kinds of additional steps and delays if you don’t hire a qualified Realtor. It is crucial to know what to look for in a short sale Realtor that specializes in working with distressed home owners.
  • Experience – The short sale Realtor must have experience handling negotiations with lenders. If the Realtor has no experience dealing with loss mitigation and negotiators, the seller is the person who may suffer. Find a short sale real estate agent who is a certified CDPE to help navigate the murky waters of a short sale. The certified HAFA professional designation for real estate agents includes over four hours of HAFA video training and access to the HAFA rules, guidelines and forms for the US Treasury Department HAFA program, Freddie Mac HAFA rules, and the Fannie Mae guidelines.
  • Knowledgeable  – A short sale Realtor must have knowledge of your short sale market. Negotiations will run much more smoothly when your agent knows the appropriate comps to support the home’s value. If you own a luxury home you need a Realtor who is experienced with the luxury home market.  You want a short sale Realtor who specialize in your type of home sale. Look for a short sale Realtor who will provide a Free CMA or Comparative Market Analysis to determine the value of your home. The CMA will provide the necessary information to show your lender you qualify for a real estate short sale. Click here for your free CMA.
  • Skilled in Communication – A short sale Realtor will act on the homeowner’s behalf with the lender, negotiating with them and convincing them that they need to accept the amount being offered, so that they can get rid of the loan from their books. They will also make sure that all liens and loans are settled in the short sale. An experienced short sale Realtor will request the loan balance (difference between the amount you owe and the amount you sell for) be forgiven by your lender. Choosing the right Realtor can make all the difference.

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Remember a short sale is a rather complicated transaction when it comes to real estate negotiations. It requires more experience and finesse from agents than usual because there are three parties to the transaction, instead of the usual two. A short sale Realtor’s role is more important than usual when it comes to a short sale, because the average home seller is lacking the knowledge and skill necessary to deal with the negotiations of a short sale.

If you find that you are in over your head and are facing financial hardship because of a mortgage you can’t handle – Ask for help today! We will help you understand your options and get you on the road to a new financial beginning.

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