When Is It Too Late To Short Sale?

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Time is of the essence if you are planning or would like the option of short selling your home. Once the foreclosure process has begun, your lender will follow the legal steps required to repossess your home. A short sale may be too late once your bank has been granted court approval to foreclose on your home.

If you are in the foreclosure process you will need to contact a qualified and experienced short sale Realtor in your area who will immediately begin working with your lender.  An experienced short sale Realtor can postpone foreclosure proceedings and provide you with more time to prevent foreclosure. Real estate agents who specialize in short sales are very good at what they do.  All short sale Realtors commissions are paid by the lender.


How can I find a certified short sale Realtor to assist me with the short sale process?
Why should I consider short selling my home?
Do I qualify?